WAVE is a social oasis and multimedia venue in Downtown Wichita. The perfect hybrid of a major event space and your favorite neighborhood bar, WAVE welcomes eclectic crowds of 500-3,300 people for concerts, yard games, and everyday relaxation in our indoor-outdoor space. Surrender to the backyard vibes with live music, lounge areas and a fine selection of craft beers. Whether you’re kicking back under a sunny sky or a full moon, WAVE’s atmosphere is unforgettable. 

WAVE offers backyard vibes at the heart of downtown. The indoor-outdoor space is a social oasis, welcoming eclectic crowds with colorful musical experiences and relaxing neighborhood vibes. Join us for concerts, yard games and an always-changing line up of flavors from the beer garden and delicious menu offerings from ADIÓS, the in-house nachoria . Come for a show, stay for the vibe.